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Testosterone Replacement Therapy FAQ

Common symptoms of low testosterone

  • the loss of sex drive (low libido)
  • extreme loss of energy
  • fatigue
  • loss of muscle tone
  • loss of muscle mass
  • bone loss
  • memory loss
  • hair loss
  • increased belly fat
  • difficulty sleeping or insomnia
  • depression and moodiness
  • difficulty focusing and concentrating
  • high cholesterol
  • lack of enthusiasm or ambition

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

  • increased energy
  • strength
  • muscle mass
  • muscle tone
  • increased libido
  • loss of belly fat
  • improved mental clarity and memory
  • better overall mood
  • quicker recovery and healing from injuries
  • decreased body aches and pains

There are a myriad of benefits because testosterone has an “umbrella” like effect on the body. Men who have optimum testosterone levels are less inclined to develop Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, less likely to develop prostate cancer, have greatly reduced risk of heart disease and reduced blood cholesterol levels.

How is the testosterone administered?
Testosterone is administered through a very small gauge needle in your backside (buttocks).

How often and where do I take treatments?
You take treatments weekly in the office, and after you’ve been established for awhile, we can teach you how to self-administer or teach your spouse/partner how to give it to you. It’s a very simple process.

I’ve read that some places give a “shot” every other week, can I do that instead?
In order to keep your testosterone levels optimum, a weekly dose is required. Every other week won’t be adequate enough to accomplish that.

What period of time do I take the treatment?
Each cycle lasts 10 weeks, which gives us both adequate time to determine if the testosterone is going to have the impact we both desire.

What happens after the first 10 weeks?
We will recheck your lab values and determine if we need to adjust your dosages up or down for the next cycle.

How long should I expect before I see or feel results?
Every man responds differently; some will notice the impact within the first 1-2 treatments, some not until the end of their 10 week cycle. For most men, there is generally a gradual and steady improvement, but for others it becomes more of a “light switch” effect, activating all at once.

Does this mean I have to stay on this forever?
No, it is not necessary to stay on treatment forever, only as long as you want to feel and experience the benefits of optimum levels of testosterone.

Can I stop the treatment?
You may discontinue treatment at any time. It is totally optional and no weaning is necessary. However, within 2-3 weeks your testosterone levels will drop back to pre-treatment status or below, and you will likely feel the symptoms or Andropause (male menopause).

Will my levels ever become normal again?
Every man’s testosterone levels decline by 1-2% per year cumulatively start as early as in his late 20’s, but most commonly by the age of 40. In order to optimize your testosterone levels, you must supplement.

Why won’t my family physician recommend me for treatment?
95% of men tested have values that fall within the “normal” range, therefore your doctor will not recommend you to take testosterone. Our philosphy is that we recommend boosting your numbers to the upper end of the “normal” range, or what we term as “optimum”. Most often with optimum levels follows optimum health and a vast improvement in overall well-being.

Are there any side effects to testosterone therapy?
Some men will have a “breakout” of acne type lesions in the beginning, which can be corrected by adjusting the dosage, and more oily skin when occurs when your body thinks it’s a teenager once again.

What about the safety of using testosterone replacement therapy?
At East Shore Healthcare, we use bio-identical hormones exclusively made from natural sources, but more important in that they are identical to what our bodies manufacture, therefore the risk of harmful side effects are extremely rare. Some forms of testosterone (ie: topical versions) are not bio-identical and can result in more undesirable side effects.

Is this similar to taking anabolic steroids?
By definition, anabolic simply means synthesizing simple molecules into complex molecules that store energy. By definition, steroid means an organic compound arranged in a specific molecular configuration. Common examples of naturally occuring steroids in your body include cholesterol (necessary for many body functions and not the “bad guy” it’s made out to be), estradiol (a sex hormone found primarily in women), and testosterone (the sex hormone in men that give a man-manly qualities). There are virtually hundreds of steroid compounds found naturally in plants and animals. What we aim to accomplish for you is to simply restore your testosterone levels to an optimum level in order to give you the boost you’re looking for.

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