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Knee Pain and Treatment

Why East Shore Healthcare for Knee Pain and Treatment options?

East Shore Healthcare is proud to provide a safe and non-invasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis pain. Through the use of Supartz Natural Knee Therapy, we are able to offer an effective, and safe solution to chronic knee pain. Patients who experience stiffness in their knees, knee pain, difficultly walking or standing, or who struggle to walk up and down their stairs, we have an effective means of relieving your chronic pain. By using a series of Supartz or Hyalgan Injections into the fluid surrounding the knee joint, we can add mobility to the joint and relieve the pain or osteoarthritis. With osteoarthritis, there is a reduction in the protective fluid and cartilage in the joints. This lack of fluid allows the bones to rub together, causing discomfort and pain.

For Supartz Knee Therapy, our Supartz injections replenish the fluid in the knee joint. The injection contains a substance found naturally in the body, and provides osteoarthritis patients the relief they need to regain their normal level of activity.

Knee Pain and Treatment in Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA and York, PA

We offer a safe, effective, non-surgical treatment for chronic knee pain. Call our Harrisburg office today at 717-652-5550 to schedule a free consultation with a Supartz Natural Knee Therapy specialist.

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