About Us

Eastshore Healthcare

Eastshore Healthcare is a premier regenerative medicine practice in the heart of Harrisburg, PA.

We are conveniently located along North Mountain Road, just 90 seconds away from the Interstate 81 Highway. To make sure we are available at your convenience, we operate every weekday, with extended evening hours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

At Eastshore Healthcare, we see you as an individual with a unique set of needs. We see physical medical care as a system of health care that is different than medical care alone. Instead of just focusing on your specific injury or problem, Eastshore Healthcare focuses on you.

Our office integrates a variety of physical medicine practices specific to your needs. We combine the skills of our medical providers, ensuring that two experts always collaborate and design a care plan specific to your care needs. We invest in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Our providers are experts in the field of physical and sports medicine, while our support staff is ready to aid you in making a smooth recovery. Eastshore Healthcare is spearheaded by Dr. Matt Boland and supported by Dr. Earl Edwards.

Take advantage of our free consultation! Simply give us a call at
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Meet Our Team

Dr. Matt Boland DC


Dr. Matt Boland is a board-certified chiropractor and the founder of East Shore Healthcare in Harrisburg, PA. He graduated from the National University of Health Sciences, earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine Degree in 1986. He has over 32 years of experience in caring for the spine, establishing alignment, and providing health care services to patients.

Dr. Boland keeps himself abreast with the latest technology and scientific methods to improve his approaches to pain management and rehabilitation, by attending numerous presentations and delivering lectures. He just recently presented at the LeTip Harrisburg Metro about physical health and how testosterone therapy can be beneficial for men. He pioneers and promotes the benefits of stem-cell therapy to help his patients recover from bone and joint pain.

He strives to help patients meet their healthcare goals with the best treatments possible, always aiming to provide first-class care. His goal is to help you return to an active, pain-free life through the use of physiotherapy.

Dr. Mark Boles

With over three decades of expertise, Dr. Boles stands out in the field of Hair Restoration, employing advanced techniques and integrating Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy when beneficial. His methods are known for enhancing hair density, refining hairlines, and addressing areas of hair loss, catering to both male and female clients.

Dr. Boles also specializes in the application of PRP for a variety of purposes. This technique, leveraging the body’s natural healing properties, has shown efficacy in pain relief, skin revitalization, sexual health enhancement, joint discomfort, and accelerated recovery.

Dr. Boles is passionate about helping patients redefine themselves, often observing that improvements in one aspect of their appearance can inspire a broader transformation. His dedication to this transformative journey led him to expand his repertoire of treatments. Witnessing his clients achieve their aesthetic aspirations at any stage of life is a profound satisfaction in his practice.

In facial rejuvenation, Dr. Mark Boles offers the minimally invasive options of Facial Threading and Botox. Threading offers patients an immediate lifting of loose and sagging skin (of the face), which is followed by the formation of collagen, which then tightens the skin. Facial threading is an efficient and less costly alternative to traditional facelifts.

Botox injections can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as for migraine relief. Learn how Dr. Boles can help you today by calling (717) 652-5550 today!

The processes of facial threading and Botox injections can be completed in approximately an hour, offering immediate and natural-looking results for the face, lips, and neck with a swift recovery period.

Dr. Earl Edwards MD


Dr. Earl W Edwards is originally from York, Pennsylvania. He subsequently received his medical degree with honors from Universidad Central Del Caribe Escuela De Medicina in 1992.

Dr. Edwards has been practicing his passion for pain management for more than 26 years and has a diverse range of experience in General Practice and Interventional Pain Management.

He mastered the discipline of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and related disorders. Dr. Edwards principally helps with managing subacute, chronic, persistent, and intractable pain, through the application of interventional techniques.

He utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach for pain treatment in order to help speed up pain reduction in his patients. Dr. Edwards is on staff at many hospitals, including York Hospital, Reading Hospital, Hanover Hospital, and the Pinnacle Health Hospital system. Dr. Edwards also cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups including MD At Home, Inc., Tricorne Primary Nerve and Joint LLC.

Dr. Edwards brings the personal touch of a country doctor with the high-tech training and medical knowledge of the 21st century. He is known for his friendly personality and compassionate care and strives to offer his patients the best comprehensive care available.

Ms. Deborah McDonald


Deborah has worked with Dr. Boland since 1997. While there have been many new and exciting changes through the years, one thing is a constant- Deborah loves the hands-on interaction with the patients.

Along with the other team members she has the privilege of seeing firsthand the strides of improvement each patient makes as they become part of the East Shore Healthcare “friends & family” circle.

Although most of her family has migrated from New Jersey to central PA, Deborah still frequently makes the trek back to northern NJ where her beloved daughter and many friends still reside.

Ms. Alexia Ridilla


Lexy has worked in both the chiropractic and orthopedic field on and off for the past 13 years. She attended Penn State University. Her primary role is assisting in therapeutic modalities for pain management patients and various types of hormone treatments.

In her spare time, Lexy enjoys watching her son play baseball and her daughter dance. The family regularly attend New York Yankees games, but when at home enjoying time with the family dogs, Vader, a Golden-Doodle and Zoey, a Malti-Poo.

Although her life is busy, busy, busy she finds fulfillment watching and assisting people to heal and become pain-free!