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Pain Relief

What is natural pain relief? Natural pain relief is a term that refers to alleviating painful conditions without using pain medications or surgery. Natural treatments that enhance your body’s own healing powers typically produce few side effects, if any, and there is very little downtime. If you are experiencing pain that affects your quality of life and you want a natural solution call us. We can find the results you’ve been looking for at East Shore Healthcare.

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Our doctors use Regenerative Medicine as non-surgical natural solution for pain. Regenerative medicine, or cellular treatments, use the bodies own innate healing potential to regenerate and repair underlying tissue damage.

Some of the issues that our treatments can help include:

How Is Pain Relief Different Than Pain Management?

How Is Pain Relief Different Than Pain Management? Lancaster, PA

The primary difference between pain relief and pain management is that one seeks a complete resolution of the cause and the other is content to manage symptoms on an ongoing basis. Pain relief requires getting to the bottom of your pain and fixing the underlying cause, so the pain no longer exists.

Pain management typically uses medication to mask the outward symptoms but not address what is causing them. A pain management system can go on for months or even years, and the root cause will continue to worsen.

You know that living in pain every day is not only draining on your body but on your mind, as well. You aren’t able to do the same activities you used to love. In some cases, you might not even be able to perform routine daily tasks. A pain management program may numb your pain for periods of time. However there are always risks and potential consequences. With a reliable pain relief protocol in place, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel as the underlying cause will be addressed and eliminated.

Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Pain

Relieve Pain through Regenerative Medicine Reading, PA

When you receive pain relief through our regenerative medicine treatments, your damaged cells and tissues will be repaired and rebuilt. These powerhouse injections will help to unleash the healing capabilities of your own body to offer real relief that lasts.

As you get older and the healing efficiency of your body diminishes. Turning to regenerative cellular treatments can enhance those healing factors will enable you to live your best life into the future.

If you or a loved one are looking for non-surgical treatment for pain relief in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading or any nearby area, call us today at (717) 652-5550 to schedule a free consultation. We will help alleviate your pain, improve your mobility and restore your quality of life without the use of drugs or surgery!