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Shoulder Pain

What causes shoulder pain? Shoulder pain can be caused by various injuries like a torn labrum, torn rotator cuff, dislocation or damaged cartilage, or chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia or bursitis.

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Our doctors use Regenerative Medicine procedures to help resolve shoulder pain. Regenerative Medicine is a natural pain relief method that can target the root cause of your sore shoulder. At our healthcare clinic, we will design a custom treatment plan that will finally get you the long-term results you’ve been after.

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment Lancaster, PA

Treating your shoulder pain with these natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical treatments will help to get to the root cause of your pain and boost your body’s own unique healing ability. As your tissues and cells are repaired and rejuvenated, your mobility will return, your pain will diminish and you’ll no longer be limited in what you can do.

As you get older, your cells no longer have the same healing powers they once did. Regenerative cellular treatments use potent young healing cells ethically obtained from umbilical cords at the time of scheduled births. There is no harm to either mother or baby. The collection of the tissue is consented and carefully screened for communicable diseases.

How To Stop Shoulder Pain?

Regenerative medicine is a reliable way to stop shoulder pain so you can get back your normal activities in comfort. Relying on drugs and surgery to fix your sore shoulder is not going to bring you the results that you need. When you use medication to treat shoulder joint pain, it will simply dull the pain receptors in your brain so you no longer feel any discomfort.

How to Stop Shoulder Pain Reading, PA

You might be able to carry on and resume your activities, but as soon as the medication wears off you’ll have to take it again. Not to mention, using your shoulder while you are injured or have a degenerative condition may cause even more damage. Regenerative medicine treats the underlying cause of your sore shoulder so the cycle doesn’t even need to begin. Once the issue that is causing the pain is no longer there, the pain will have no need to be either.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

A pinched nerve in your shoulder can happen quite innocently, but the pain can limit you from moving freely or even raising your arm in some cases. Symptoms of a pinched nerve include sharp pain, difficulty taking deep breaths, poor mobility, neck pain, tingling or numbness in your hands and fingers and trouble turning your head from side to side. Some of the common causes include injury or physical trauma to your neck or shoulder, disc degeneration in the cervical vertebrae, or a herniated disc.

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