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Your back is one of the most commonly used parts of the body. You need your back to take even the simplest step, to bend over and tie your shoe, and to exercise, and more. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders says that up to 80 percent of adults will experience back pain our lifetime. Whether you are an office worker or a stay-at-home mom, back pain doesn't discriminate. 

At East Shore Medical & Pain Management, we recommend patients consult a physical medicine professional at even the smallest twinge of back pain. Our highly skilled specialists can accurately diagnose your back pain and provide you with the treatment plan you need to fully heal. Further, we offer lower back pain relief with stem-cell therapy and treatment of your Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS). Contact East Shore Healthcare today to schedule a free consultation with our back pain professionals. Our proven physical medicine treatments can help alleviate even the most painful symptoms. Call us at 717-652-5550 or book an appointment online.


FAQs on Back Pain:

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

The causes of lower back pain are varied, but the most common reasons for injury are sprains and strains. If you experienced a recent gain in weight, this can strain the spine and lead to back pain. The same is true for pregnancy and work that requires heavy lifting. Other factors that could be contributing to your back pain have to do with age and fitness levels.


Should I Use Or Avoid Painkillers for Back Pain?

Sometimes, back pain is unavoidable. If this is the case and you are experiencing some back pain, it is ideal that you learn some healthy ways to manage it. This means avoiding taking high doses of painkillers, and instead going to a physical therapy clinic that stretches,massages, and works out the knots and kinks in your back. If your back pain is the direct result of something like a medical procedure or complication, speak to us for the best steps to take. While sprains and strains are the common cause of lower back pain, there may be a more serious issue at play. Get diagnosed and find your way back to a pain-free life.


What Do I If Back Pain Lasts for Months?

If your back pain is severe, lasts for weeks or months, drastically limits your ability to move your head, radiates into the shoulders, or feels worse in the morning, consider seeing a doctor. Fever or weakness or numbness in the arms are other red flags that need additional evaluation. Painkillers, drugs, and back braces help back pain, but they do not treat potentially dangerous spinal misalignments


Can Ultrasound-Guided Needle Injections Alleviate Back Pain?

One option is ultrasound treatment of the sore tissues with high-frequency sound waves. We use high-resolution ultrasound to easily target the superficial branches of your back nerve and deep branches by recognizing the nearby muscle and bones. We use a Doppler imaging before intervention to avoid injury to surrounding vessels. Ultrasound-guided needle provides a safe effective solution in cases you who are not responsive or cannot tolerate oral medications and are not appropriate candidates for surgery. Pain relief of ultrasound-guided needle injections lasts from 3 weeks to 3 months, the maximum duration of pain relief has been 8 months after single injection.

For more information on back pain and how we can help you alleviate it, call us at (717) 652-5550 or book an appointment online.

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